Dirkoma s180

Pinhole camera is the simplest way of image projection using principle of camera obscura that is known for many centuries. This can be also used for photography. This device was used by painters as a template. It is simply needed to insert the light-sensitive material into a box with a small hole in its wall without using any lenses.

I decided bought one pinhole camera called Dirkoma s180 because I love these „a lot of“ old methods.

Dirkoma s180 used roll-film, makes 4 panoramatic photos 6×180 mm. Film is stored on the arc with the same distance from the hole – thanks to that there is no perspective distorion of the image. Focal lenght is 85mm and focal ratio 200.

[button link=“http://www.dirkoma.com/models.html“ color=“black“ newwindow=“yes“] Link to Dirkoma company.[/button]

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